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VEMA s.a.s. has been working in the metal constructions field since many years. Today, thanks to the founders work and to the continuous need of evolving towards a market asking for more and more complex and state-of-the-art solutions, VEMA s.a.s. can boast a plant covering a large surface in the industrial area of Villar San Costanzo.

Moreover, the plant is equipped with the most sophisticated machineries wisely used by expert and skilled technicians. VEMA s.a.s. can offer the best solutions for any type of requirement in this field and it guarantees a high quality product and service al low prices.

Metal constructions for: Prefabricated construction in general, metal centrings, metal trellis, coverings (insulating, thermal), warehouses, tanks, industrial installations, domes, covers, greenhouses, fire escapes, handrails, gangways, gates, doors, windows, sliding gates, fences, scaffoldings, buckets, false ceilings, enclosures, moulds, agricultural equipment, decorative and of furniture elements.

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